DownUnderCTF 2022 Reflections

Another year, another DownUnderCTF. I must say each year I get more and more impressed with how the team comes together to create an absolutely phenomenal CTF experience for players all around the world. There is so much work that goes into this event that only lasts a weekend. There is finding and managing sponsors, not-for-profit tax stuff, infra setup, challenge authors, and finding the right monke memes to send to our players, it’s a huge effort.

This year was once again bigger and better and the feedback from the players has been super positive which is always great to see 😄.

My focus this year was to build out the Blockchain infra so that we could host blockchain challenges for our players. This was a cool experience to take a deeper dive into web3 libraries and create a somewhat robust system to manage the blockchain challenges and chain state! If you want to read more abour our infra for 2022, check out our writeup.

I think next year will be a really interesting point for DUCTF. We have grown big pretty big and have heavily refined our approach on how we run it every year. From where we go from here and what will happen next year, who knows. But all I know is that we have some of the best talent on planet to make an awesome event for the InfoSec community all around the world.

Here’s to 2023 being even more successful that 2022 ✌️